Woolgro - create the perfect lawn

Our lawns are an eco friendly, natural alternative to instant lawn. Your Woolgro mat, embedded with your choice of grass seed type, comes with simple instructions, is easy to use and will stand the test of time. Once laid on a prepared surface it then germinates and develops lush grass with strong roots and the natural wool and jute fibres provide a weed resistant barrier. The perfect, natural, turf alternative.

Woolgro was founded on sustainable, natural, environmentally sound principles of supporting natural growth to create great lawns and vegetable gardens that people can do themselves. Combining only what nature has provided for a perfect start to plant life. 100% pure, `clean & green' and in harmony with nature - that's what our products are all about. Our customers want to take care of their own patch without damaging the environment. They want a new way of creating a lawn or vegetable garden that not only looks after the environment but also achieves the best lawn and or garden in the street.

Woolgro is a uniquely New Zealand invention using the properties of one of our country’s best loved natural resources - wool.  We have developed our product using New Zealand skill and ingenuity from concept through testing, to production and distribution. We are proudly Kiwi all the way.

For an easy way to create a great lawn or vegetable garden call 0800 WOOLGRO (0800 966 5476) for where to buy, our installation service, and technical support. 

“Woolgro is the most exciting new landscaping product I’ve seen on the market in the last 20 years. It really works.” 

Justin Newcombe - Landscape Designer, Author and DIY Gardening Guru

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